FinEq International Oy is a new, diverse company based in Lehmo, Kontiolahti, that provides sheet metal and surface treatment services. FinEq offers Finnish expertise in all of its areas of business to customers both in the domestic and the international market. Our company has a flexible business model that guarantees reliable and secure deliveries to customers. Due to our good machinery stock and the extensive professional skills and experience of our personnel, our company can produce high-quality products and services and even respond to large orders with a brief delivery time. Our 1 985 m2 production facilities are located along Ensolantie road in Lehmo.

In terms of its size, FinEq has the most modern surface treatment facility in Eastern Finland, equipped with nanoceramic pretreatment and an automated production line. The unique, 210-meter production line system of the industrial powder coating plant enables the treatment of even large volumes ecologically, efficiently, and economically. Due to its efficient pretreatment and powder coating processes, the line provides a marine grade outcome with a single coating. In addition, the large powder coating oven can easily treat large products and even pieces up to 12 meters long separately. The main clients of the surface treatment production are companies operating in the metal industry in the Savo and Karelia region.

FinEq also uses modern, versatile machinery suitable for sheet metal work. Our strength lies in our efficient, automatic rectangular duct and metal plate treatment line that can swiftly produce, for instance, large volumes of ventilation duct. FinEq manufactures tailor-made special components for ventilation systems and fittings for engine rooms, rectangular and transportation ducts, as well as silencers and their components. In addition, our range of products includes various moldings, outdoor and indoor grilles, and custom-built hoods and chimney systems. Our duct production clients are mainly construction and HPAC companies working with ventilation installations and maintenance throughout Finland. Duct products are usually made to order for individual projects, and deliveries are made directly from the factory to the customer.

FinEq International Oy is also strongly investing in product development and internationalization. The company’s name, FinEq, comes from the words ”Finnish Excellence & Quality”, which communicates that we only offer the finest and best quality to our customers. You can always trust FinEq's quality promise, this is a matter of honor for us. FinEq manufactures, sells, and distributes various end-consumer products to the global market with the purpose of spreading Finnish know-how and quality abroad. Export is a key element of the company’s development as it aims to expand its global retail network and increase its recognition right from the beginning of the company’s journey.

FinEq takes genuine responsibility for its work. The company’s operations are in line with an environmental permit that guarantees that processes comply with the regulations imposed in the permit. However, meeting the terms of the environmental permit alone is not enough, but FinEq also pays special attention to sustainable development. The aim is to minimize the company’s environmental impact by gradually transferring to renewable energy sources and by enhancing the utilization and reuse of material, among other measures. In addition to environmental issues, FinEq contributes to social sustainability. The company takes part in increasing wellbeing in the local community by, for instance, supporting voluntary activities related to youth wellbeing.


Ensolantie 2
80710 lehmonkärki
Suomi Finland

Business ID: 2726485-8

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