Ville Hämäläinen, CEO
In principle, the main reason was certainly the desire to create something of their own that they could be proud of and that could potentially influence the growth of business. It was also great to be able to put together a top team whose skills are truly unmatched. Today, I know that all of my decisions have a direct impact on our client's business, and at the same time, they are very challenging but even more rewarding. However, I know that I stand behind my decisions, both good and bad. In my role as an employee, I had been able to experience situations where I myself would not have started to compromise, for example, on the quality of customer service or customer-oriented thinking, and now I can decide myself not to compromise. Now, with three years of entrepreneurship behind, it has also been great to see how to find such a great team of good employees who are truly committed to developing the company.

Pasi Konttinen, Manufacturing Manager
Why I became an entrepreneur, quite frankly, I still wonder about it every day. Well not at all, a joke. Seriously, if you are, then you have had an entrepreneurial mind from a young age, it is natural to me because I have a lot of entrepreneurship in my family anyway. So it was never a big unknown to myself, and so I was not afraid of it. This is what everyday problem solving is, but when you know that it can benefit your team and, through it, your customers, it can reward you.

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Ville Hämäläinen

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Pasi Konttinen

Manufacturing Manager
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Mikko Räsänen

Production manager of duct and sheet metal products
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Matti Kukkonen

Production manager of painting operations
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Marketing and Sales Manager
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