FinEq also uses modern, versatile machinery suitable for sheet metal work. Our strength lies in our efficient, automatic rectangular duct and metal plate treatment line that can swiftly produce, for instance, large volumes of ventilation duct. FinEq manufactures tailor-made special components for ventilation systems and fittings for engine rooms, rectangular and transportation ducts, as well as silencers and their components. In addition, our range of products includes various moldings, outdoor and indoor grilles, and custom-built hoods and chimney systems. We also assist our customers in pre-planning and sizing products. This ensures that the products fit their final installation site perfectly in terms of their properties. Products manufactured from zinc-coated and acid- and rust-resistant material with material thicknesses of 0.5–3.0 mm are suitable for our production technology. Our duct production clients are mainly construction and HPAC companies working with ventilation installations and maintenance throughout Finland. We deliver products primarily for commercial and public construction and various industrial sites. Duct products are usually made to order for individual projects, and deliveries are made directly from the factory to the customer. If required, we can also deliver products powder coated in the color required by the client’s site.

We use hot-dip galvanized steel plate (Zn 275) as material, but other materials, such as acid-resistant and stainless steel and AlZn are also suitable for our products.

Plate thicknesses: 0.6–3.0 mm. The maximum plate width in manufacture is 1500 mm. There are two profiling options: T or Z profile.

The JJ slip joint that we use is robust, and the result is up to 15 times tighter than a traditional slip joint. The largest duct sizes are manufactured using a special technology that guarantees durability even in harsh conditions.

All of our products are also available with fire-, sound-, and heat-proofing.

Our products are manufactured according to standard SFS-5436 and have Class C certification for air-tightness. Our products are packaged and protected upon delivery in accordance with the building regulations and M1 cleanliness classifications.



The purpose of ventilation is to admit fresh, clean air and remove impurities from the building. The increase in the occurrence of allergies and other respiratory symptoms has, for good reason, drawn attention to the importance of fresh air inside buildings to peoples’ health. In older buildings in particular, exposure to wool dust can be a problem. Skin and respiratory symptoms and eye irritations are an unfortunately common problem in many homes. In the past, wool was used in ventilation and air-conditioning silencers, on top of which a perforated plate structure was installed. Over the years, wool particles often penetrated the structure, spreading slowly into the premises and causing the aforementioned symptoms. Having completed our multi-phased and demanding product development work, we have introduced a completely new kind of ventilation silencer. Our new silencers use a lined rock wool plate as the sound-absorbing material. The choice of material has made it possible to manufacture the product without a perforated plate, which gathers dirt and weakens the absorbing capacity. The basis for our development work was the elimination of absorbent materials that in the event of fire produce harmful and toxic combustion gases.

The new rock wool plate also solved this problem. The compact silencer is safe in the event of fire. The rock wool plate used in the product is M1 classified non-combustible material. The silencer is suitable for machine cleaning and wash. Thanks to its compact structure, harmful wool particles from the silencer are prevented from entering the indoor air. The silencer does not gather dust, is easy to clean, and has excellent sound-absorbing capacity. Chosen and used correctly, they can be used to naturally minimize the noise caused by mechanical ventilation. The excellent silencing capacity of our products enables more efficient utilization of the ventilation system. The products meet the requirements of modern ventilation technology in cleanliness and cleanability, and safety. The Finnish Ministry of the Environment has granted type approval for PSD, PKDK, and PKDK-a silencers. The products have received praise in strict tests for their sound-absorbing capacity, compactness, and pressure values. The silencers are equally suited for use in detached and terraced houses, blocks of flats, and public premises. The silencers are available in circular and rectangular models. The choice depends on the installation space available. Silencers are available in standard size and length, but we also provide custom-made products.