FinEq International Oy manufactures high quality Carelia Grill - open fireplaces, grills and accessories.

Carelia Grill is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the outdoors, cooking and spending time together. All of our products are made by hand with respect for the environment and customers. The products are of high quality, easy to use and guaranteed to be Finnish.

Discover our models now and get a piece of genuine North-Karelia to your home or to your cottage.

– Enjoy the lifestyle


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Powder Coating
Duct Production

High-quality Production

FinEq also uses modern, versatile machinery suitable for sheet metal work. Our strength lies in our efficient, automatic rectangular duct and metal plate treatment line that can swiftly produce, for instance, large volumes of ventilation duct.

In terms of its size, FinEq has the most modern surface treatment facility in Eastern Finland, equipped with nanoceramic pretreatment and an automated production line. The unique, 210-meter production line system of the industrial powder coating plant enables the treatment of even large volumes ecologically, efficiently, and economically.

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Our 1 840 m2 production facilities are located in Lehmo, Kontiolahti. We use modern machinery.

Due to the extensive professional skills and experience of our youthful personnel, our company can produce high-quality products and services and even respond to large orders with a brief delivery time.

Our core values are customer-orientation, flexibility, honesty, openness, and Finnishness.

Our operations are genuinely responsible and environmentally friendly.

Environmental Responsibility

We take genuine responsibility for our work. Our company’s operations are in line with an environmental permit that guarantees that processes comply with the regulations imposed in the permit. We also pay special attention to sustainable development and minimize the company’s environmental impact by gradually increasing the use of renewable energy sources and by enhancing the utilization and reuse of material, among other measures.

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